Introducing AVENIR 2023: "BE FUTURE READY"

As students embark on their journey from school to university, they often find themselves standing at a crossroads, filled with uncertainty and the daunting question, "What's next?"

The modern job market's constant evolution, the ever-changing demand for skills, and the increasing complexity of education and training options make decision-making more challenging than ever.

In this context, fostering a global perspective rooted in values and nurturing global competence has never been more crucial. That's where AVENIR 2023 steps in, guiding and inspiring students as they prepare for change, transition, growth, and realization of their aspirations.

AVENIR 2023 serves as a window to a world of opportunities, illuminated by experts in various fields. It empowers students with profound knowledge, enabling them to assess opportunities and strengths before making informed decisions about their higher education paths.

At its core, AVENIR 2023 is about expanding horizons, fostering open-mindedness, and igniting a passion for lifelong learning. It provides a comprehensive platform for students and parents, addressing questions and uncertainties that often accompany such important decisions.

Our approach for AVENIR 2023 is rooted in a psycho-social-economic lens that not only considers society's expectations of young individuals but also places paramount importance on their aspirations, needs, and anxieties. Rather than focusing solely on how the young can change the world, we aim to help them reflect on how the world is shaping them—a subtle yet pivotal shift in perspective.

In line with our theme, "BE FUTURE READY", AVENIR 2023 offers a myriad of categories to explore, including Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.

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Explore boundless possibilities because, as the saying goes, "A moment in time can never be regained!"

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What does AVENIR 2023 have to offer?
Engrossing sessions from 7th, 8th & 9th December, 2023
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