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Indian School Darsait


Highlighting the importance of self-reform and promoting the spirit of oneness - the true essence of the holy month of Ramadan, Indian School Darsait organized an Iftar Get-together at the senior school auditorium on 29 May 2019.  It was an amalgamation of people from various communities and walks of life. Further, it was an assembly of multifarious cultures and traditions that came together to celebrate unity in diversity and to strengthen the spiritual bonding permeating the message of brotherhood. In order to express solidarity with their fasting members, all staff at ISD observed fasting for a day and broke the fast with Iftar.

The occasion was graced by the benign presence of special guests, Mrs. Hanaa Mohsin Al Kareem, Head Mistress, Al Huda Private School, Dr. Satish Nambiar, Chairman, Indian Social Club, Muscat, Mr.Jaikish Pavithran, President SMC, Mr. Sirajudeen Nhelat, Director BOD and Director-incharge ISD, Mr. P.B Saleem, Managing Director, Gazal Al Kadhara Trading Co.LLC  and main  sponsor of ISQUIZ, Mr. Ajit Vasudevan, Convener,  distinguished Members of SMC, Dr. Sridevi P Thashnath, Principal,  Former Members of SMC,  Administrators, Mr.  Azim, Sales Manager, Gazal Al Kadhara Trading Co.LLC, Omani Staff of the School along with their families, all teaching and non-teaching staff and a few members of the local community.

Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal extended a cordial welcome to the gathering. Mrs. Hanaa Mohsin Al Kareem, who was a special guest of the evening expressed her happiness to be amidst the ISD family. ‘The Fathiha’ recited by Mr. Samshuddeen, Arabic Teacher, marked an auspicious beginning to the evening and sanctified the ambience. Food items carefully chosen to suit the taste buds during the fasting month included a spectrum of items like water, laban, dates, fruits and snacks. The turnout was extremely amazing as the invitation was very well responded to.  Around three hundred people attended the programme and enjoyed the delicacies. Special arrangements for prayer   were also made at school. The President and the Principal profusely thanked the attendees from the core of their hearts for keeping up the spirit of Fasting and that of Iftar Get-together.