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Indian School Darsait is highly exuberant as its Grade XII students brought laurels to school with 100 % result in the AISSC Examination 2020-21 with an incredible all time high school average of 87.8%. Braving all odds in this extraordinarily challenging year, the batch has come out with flying colours and has clinched this remarkable fete. It is indeed a magnificent culmination to an unprecedented academic year.

In the Science Stream Anushka Thumiki stood first with 99.0% while Malavika Shaji bagged the second position with 98.0% and Divyasri Udayakumar secured the third position with 97.8%.

In the Commerce Stream, Abhirami R secured the first position with 97.4%, followed by Farashil Ayath securing the second position with 97.2% while Mydhili Nair secured third position with 95.8%.

It is heartwarming to note that while 37.4% students scored 90% and above; 90.2% students scored 80.0% and above and 100% students scored above 60% aggregate marks.

The subject average for various subjects is as follows- Psychology - 94.6%, English – 93.9%, Computer Science – 93.2%, Chemistry- 90.2%, Physics – 90%, Informatics Practices – 88.6%, Business Studies - 88.1%, Marketing – 87.9%, Mathematics – 85.9%, Biology- 84.1%, Economics – 83.3%, Accountancy – 72.6%.

The following are the subject toppers: English (99%) - Abhishek Renjith Krishnan, Akarsh Vincent, Akhila Vijayan Nair, Anushka Thumiki, Arunima Suresh, Ashley Dharman, Ashoka Babu Pudussery, Divyasri Udayakumar, Farashil Ayath, Fawaz Yasin Muhammed, Malavika Shaji, Mydhili Nair, Nandika Ranjit; Mathematics (99%) - Anushka Thumiki; Physics (99%) - Anushka Thumiki, Divyasri Udayakumar; Chemistry (99%) - Anushka Thumiki, Malavika Shaji; Biology (96%) - Aparnna Anil Kumar Menon, Devanshi Sharma, Malavika Shaji; Computer Science (99%) - Anushka Thumiki; Psychology (99%) - Malavika Shaji, Shabiha Fathima; Economics (99%) - Farashil Ayath, Mydhili Nair; Business Studies (99%)- Farashil Ayath; Accountancy (98%) - Abhirami R; Informatics Practices (98%) - Bikhil B L; Marketing (99%) - Farashil Ayath.

Mr. Amar Srivastava, Principal congratulated the students, parents and teachers for this outstanding and amazing accomplishment. He profusely thanked each and every one who worked as a spirited team in making the school ebullient and proud.

Mr.Sebastian Chungath, President and other esteemed Members of the School Management Committee also conveyed their happiness over the stupendous result.