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Indian School Darsait


Indian School Darsait scripted yet another success story as its students of Class X displayed an impressive 100% result in the AISSE 2021. This splendid achievement has added one more golden feather to the crowning glory of the school. The grit and determination of the Class X students to fight adversity and come out victorious have paved way for this historic performance with a splendid school average of 81.45%. Students also scored centum in Mathematics, Science & Social Science enhancing the accomplishment of the batch that faced an unprecedented academic year.

Magandha Dinesh and Sahana Sandesh Kumar topped the school with 97.8% followed by Sandeep Ramanujam who secured the second position scoring 96.4 % while Anavadya Rajesh got the third position with 96.2%.

An overall 32% students scored 90% and above in aggregate marks and 97% students have scored 60% and above in aggregate marks.


The following students are the subject toppers - (English -99%): Gopika Thalavai Nallasivan, Sandeep Ramanujam, Yogil Adrin Poomaniarumai; (Hindi- 95%): Aryan Sachin Shirke, Mohammed Rayyan Ul Bari, Yogil Adrin Poomaniarumai; (Malayalam – 98%): Sandeep Ramanujam; (Arabic – 95%):Ammar Shakeel Ash Shareef; (Sanskrit- 97%): Magandha Dinesh, Sahana Sandesh Kumar, (Mathematics Standard – 100%): Anavadya Rajesh, Magandha Dinesh, Sahana Sandesh Kumar; (Maths Basic-95%): Gopika Thalavai Nallasivan; (Science- 100%) Magandha Dinesh, Sahana Sandesh Kumar; (Social Science – 100%): Angel Jomy, Prathima Shri Shanmugam Vijayhema; (Painting – 98%): Varsha Varghese; (Computer Applications – 90%): Azim Ahammed & (Home Science – 77%): Enosh Prabhakaran.

The school average in various subjects: Painting (94.6); Social Science (87.3); English (86.9); Computer Applications (86.3); Sanskrit (85.6); Malayalam (83.7); Arabic (83.1); Mathematics Standard (80.1); Science (78.5); Hindi (75.8), and Home Science (74.0) & Mathematics Basic (58.1).

Mr. Amar Srivastava, Principal heartily congratulated all the students and appreciated the tireless efforts of the teachers and the unstinted support of the parents in moulding the students to become real achievers. Mr. Sebastian Chungath, President, and other Members of SMC too conveyed their profuse gratitude and appreciation to Team ISD over the outstanding result.