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ISTF 2021: Displaying a plethora of talents

MUSCAT: The Indian School Talent Fest 2021, is all set to be conducted on a virtual plat­ form this year; mid of Novem­ ber 2021, is organised by Indian School Darsait, under the aegis of the Board of Directors, Indian Schools Oman.

To unleash the potential and to exhibit the artistic talents of Indi­ an School students across Oman. Indian School Talent Fest 2021 is a splendid platform where every talent is ushered into be a part of a mammoth festivity of talents,and it may awe everyone of how every change in any unprecedented time can lead to a greater discov­ ery of one's self as well as that of latent skills and potential

  It boasts of a whopping num­ber of registrations for thirty­ seven culttual items categorised into eight major events that have been completed by 5         September.The event displays the participa­ tion of the talented SEN students and other UNIQUE talents.Indian School Darsait holds it as a great     honour and privilege that the Board of Directors has entrusted it with.


This earnest endeavour in which the school bridges creativity and showcasing a child's innate abil­ity to the forefront will leave no stone unturned. Furthermore, ISTF 2021 promises an incred­ible journey into the world of fun and frolic together with festivi­ties that open several avenues for great beginnings both in holistic development and nurturing art and literatllre.The inauguration will witness luminaries addressing the students on all aspects of art and literature.