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ISD Kindergarten reached the epitome of creativity, elegance and grandeur as the Kindergarten day and KG II Graduation was celebrated with great fun and panoply. Chief Guest, Mr. M. P. Vinoba, Senior Principal and Education Advisor, BoD, President, Mr. Jaikish Pavithran, Vice President, Mr. Sebastian Chungath, other esteemed members of the SMC, Principal, Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Vice Principal, Mrs. Geeta Chauhan graced the occasion and showered the little ones with blessings and good wishes.

The ceremony began with the assistant head boy and assistant head girl ushering in the Chief Guest, The President and esteemed members of the SMC, Principal, Vice Principal, Supervisor and Coordinator followed by the entry of the young graduates, clad in their convocation gowns and caps. They walked down the aisle with such splendor and confidence that they were greeted with echoes of rapturous applause.

The Vice Principal Mrs. Geeta N Chauhan welcomed each and every section of the audience and the special invitees in a very unique and befitting manner.

The event espoused the value of relationships in this highly mechanized world.

380 students from the morning and afternoon session participated in this grandiose, bringing in a feeling of awe and wonder in the hearts of those who watched them. The KG I students poured out their hearts to all whom they loved, the friends, the parents, their siblings and even their grandparents as they danced away in glee emphasizing selfless love in true relationships. In that sense the KG children proved that they were the real scholars of the world.

It was regal to watch the young graduates of KG II walk up the stage to receive their certificates as their beloved teachers introduced each student, and in the literal sense relived the classroom days with them.

The Chief Guest Mr. M. P.Vinoba shared his thoughts based on his wide experience as a teacher and an administrator, narrating stories to emphasize on the beliefs and values of gratitude, appreciation, truthfulness and respectfulness that Sir wanted the children to imbibe. The chief guest also reminded the parents that each child is unique and that they should be supported in realizing their talents and excel in their chosen fields.

The SMC President Mr. Jaikish Pavithran emphasized with the help of a story on the value of expressing gratitude to the teachers and elders for the time and energy they invest on the children and the knowledge they share with them.

The Principal Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, while making her presentation brought to light the spirit de corps and dedication of the entire team towards the all-round development of the students of Kindergarten through activities that were done throughout the year. The Principal aptly summed it off by quoting Khalil Ghibran and reminded the parents that the children are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They should be left to grow wings and find their own space in this world.

The Coordinator Mrs. Sheeja Philip thanked the gathering inspiring the children to fly high like the kites in the sky at the same time to be firmly rooted to the ground.

The event ended on a happy note and each one who witnessed it went away with a hopeful heart and an enriched soul.