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ISD initiates Comprehensive Learning Program for the faculty

Indian School Darsait aims to continuously empower its faculty through continuous Professional Development Programmes as mandated in National Education Policy 2020. As an initiative by the School Management Committee, an expert panel has been hired to provide training to the teachers to align them with the requirements of constant upgradation so as to guide the 21st century learners to become global citizens.

The Comprehensive Learning Program (CLP) is tailor-made to equip teachers to build on their inherent strengths while working on opportunities for improvement. Providing teachers with hands-on experience on topics like Self Awareness & Reflection, instilling a Growth Mindset, Critical Thinking & Conflict Resolution, Techniques of Mind Mapping & Brainstorming, Innovation in Teaching, Group Dynamism, building a Positive Outlook, Team Management and Stress Management will help them to culminate theory with practice in a very comprehensive way. Teachers will attend the Comprehensive Learning Program session in two batches and each session is laced with elements like self-discovery exercises, discussions, presentations, simulations, models and skills, conflict style assessments, case studies, tools and action plans etc.

It is a year-long continuous monitoring process where three-hour sessions are conducted on every Saturday and each teacher gets an opportunity to attend 13 sessions. The first session of the Comprehensive Learning Program on Self-Awareness & Self-Reflection was conducted on Saturday, the 19th of November 2022 in the Senior School Auditorium by the resource person Mrs. Annie Melinda, Co-Founder, The Crossroads International (TCI).

The session was well appreciated by all Mrs. Shanthi Praveen from the Department of Science said,” It was a well-organised session with many activities which helped the participants to stay connected”. Another teacher Mrs. Sameena Khan from the Department of Hindi remarked “It was an excellent session that kept the participants engaged throughout and the games and interactive sessions made it more useful.”

The CLP is mapped to the performance appraisal and the process is assessed scientifically with case studies and surveys. This Programme is designed to determine proficiency levels in certain select criteria and also provide feedback on performance improvement.  Through this programme the school aims at upskilling its teachers to adapt to National Education Policy 2020.